Making The Whole World Smile With You

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For some dentists are scary people.  However, they do offer a great service to the community.  Your family dentistry sandy springs will be able to help you with your tooth pain, give you a checkup and cleaning as well as get that smile back that you so loved before.  If your teeth are crooked or just need a cleaning here are some tips that you can use to have a fun and enjoyable experience at the dentist.

Brush your teeth

This is the most basic function you can do to keep your teeth healthy.  Brushing your teeth twice a day or after every meal is a great way to remove all of the plaque buildup, tartar and other bacteria.  When brushing your teeth use diagonal motions for at least five minutes.  Once you do two and a half minutes one way reverse and go the other way.  This will help remove all the buildup on your teeth.

Stay away from sweets

Staying away from sweets is good advice.  Sugar is not good for you nor your teeth.  When we consume sugar we create a chemical reaction that start eating away from our teeth.  Drinking soda and other beverages that have lots of sugar is not a good idea either. 

Floss your teeth

Flossing helps to get the particles stuck between our teeth out.  Flossing will also make our teeth feel cleaner.

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Eat Popcorn

This is an old one but something that still stands the test of time.  When we consume popcorn we are actually doing something to clean our teeth.  You don’t want to have all the salt and butter on the popcorn when you eat it but when you consume fresh dry popcorn it acts as an abrasive substance on your teeth.  This helps to clean your teeth without brushing.