Documented Evidence Of Clinical Dentistry

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The evidence serves all stakeholders very well indeed. Lay readers here should never forget that they remain important stakeholders within the online journal of clinical dentistry, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It is a two-way process but never a case of the one scratching the other’s back to be scratched at a later time. Here, no favors are owed. The professional stakeholders are duty-bound to be of service to each other and especially to those of you reading this now as patients or potential patients.

And indeed, they all rely heavily on your owned lived experiences. For you to make active and positive contributions to the entire dentistry merely requires you to adhere to the old dictum of going to visit the dentist at least once or twice a year. Never see this, however, as doing the industry a huge favor. This recommendation remains in place because it is for your own good, no one else’s. dental technologists and product developers are heavily reliant on the feedback provided to them by the medical fraternity.

This has led to the ongoing advancements of new technologies and procedures. The originators of the online journal of clinical dentistry also have other concerns. It coincides with the universal as well as industry concerns. Care of the environment and the collective effort of reducing carbon levels is of paramount importance and should be on the minds of all, never mind most, stakeholders. Readers here are urged to not print any documents from this journal. Find an alternative and sustainable method of filing away all your vital information.

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New product developments that should help clean up the environment are no longer on the horizon. They are already here. Do look up what they have to say about organic toothpastes for instance.