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Care Of Teeth & Gums Begins With You

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Since your mom first taught you to brush your own teeth and your junior school hygiene lessons, you have always known that it is incumbent on you to visit the dentist at least once a year. But as people grew older through their adult years – and their teeth and gums grew older (and weaker), the tendency towards tardiness and lack of concern prevailed. Need you be reminded then that dental care los angeles visits need to happen at least once a year.

You wonder about this sometimes maybe. Why are grown men and women ‘forgetting’ to do right by themselves to go to the dentist? It is just once a year, for crying out loud. And these days, the dental exam only takes about half an hour or so. The added minutes are for consultation purposes. Before the exam begins, the dentist needs to get through a few procedural enquiries. And after he has finished his exam, he will be providing you with feedback on his findings.

And that’s just about it, really, until the same time next year. These days too, dental experts recommend going to the dentist twice a year. Apart from the fact that he can make extra sure that your dental and oral hygiene is sound, there are so many new dental and orthodontic technologies available that could enhance the health and stature of your teeth and gums. And also, you do want to look good too, don’t you?

How about that extra white smile of yours? That’s extra work, by the way. But there is no prodding about with needles, nor is there any need for ‘painful’ (pain, what pain?) injections. The orthodontist’s tools scrub away all the plaque and brown grime to transform your teeth to movie star whiteness.